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Computed Radiography

Compared to conventional film-screen capture, CR technology offers the imaging department a multitude of benefits. CR can speed image availability, reduce retakes, reduce duplicating costs, potentially boost workflow productivity, and conserve space. CR is a digital process, thereby film, processor and chemistry are eliminated. CR also offers more options for displaying, sharing and storing images.

A number of vendors, some with roots in film-screen, others with CR as their primary focus, offer the customer a number of opportunities. We offer systems of various footprints, sizes and throughputs providing almost every practice setting a systems option.

  • Carestream Crescendo Waiv
    Carestream Crescendo Waiv
    Streamline Workflow For Higher Productivity And Patient Throughput.The CRescendo Classic CR System is easy to install, use and maintain, providing seamless integration, from X-ray exposure to print or softcopy.  The...
  • Carestream Cresendo MAX
    Carestream Cresendo MAX
    Boost CR productivity with a workflow leader. Maximize throughout, productivity , and patient satisfaction with the CARESTREAM DirectView Max CR System. A next generation workflow leader, this system has been developed in...
  • Carestream Directview Vita CR System
    Carestream Directview Vita CR System
    The Vita CR System is an affordable, compact, tabletop imaging solution designed specifically for small hospitals, clinics and specialty practices. Compact footprint fits easily into small areas Light weight and portable...
  • Carestream Classic Crescendo Image Suite
    Carestream Classic Crescendo Image Suite
    Simple, Affordable, Powerful – A Complete Digital Image Acquisition and Management Solution You're eager for the workflow and productivity benefits of an all-inclusive, integrated digital imaging solution. But...
  • Carestream Directview Elite CR Systems
    Carestream Directview Elite CR Systems
    The DIRECTVIEW Elite CR System is designed for distributed and central CR applications where image quality, rapid image availability, lower costs and high departmental productivity are paramount. Produces high quality...